How much will it cost?
Prices are based on various aspects including location, mileage and size of vehicle so all quotes are individual – please see Sample Rates or request a Quote.

Is there a minimum charge?
There is a minimum charge of £25.00 +VAT.

Will all consignments be insured?
All consignments are fully covered with up to £15,000 Goods in Transit and £2m Public Liability insurance.

Is there a charge for waiting time?
The first 20 minutes at collection/delivery are free, thereafter there will be a £5 charge for every 20 minutes.

What area do you cover?
Mainland UK.

How will I know when the consignment has been delivered?
When a consignment is delivered the Client will immediately be notified by telephone, and will be provided with the name of the person who accepted delivery and at what time delivery took place.

Will I receive proof of delivery?
A Proof of Delivery note can be supplied as a PDF upon request.

Will I be informed of any delays?
You will be telephoned at the earliest opportunity if there are any delays or other issues affecting delivery.

Do you provide a credit facility?
New companies or Private Individuals are required to pay cash on collection/delivery.  Repeat customers and companies will be invoiced on account: payment terms are 14 days and payment can be made by cheque or BACS.

Do you carry fragile goods?
Yes - as each delivery is made by a dedicated vehicle and driver, all goods are safe, secure and handled with the utmost care and attention – please see Packaging Advice.
Packaging Advice
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